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The 1898 has a wide ranging forum designed to allow Pompey fans far and wide to discuss and share their opinions on certian matters. We appreciate that not everyone may agrre wih certain opinions but we hope that you guys can follow the comments policy:

  • We DO NOT accept any racist, anti-semetic or sectarian behaviour on this platform. You will be immediately banned!
  • We do not allow any form of bullying on the platform and any member seen acting this way will be removed from the platform
  • We’re fully aware that you may swear when voicing opinions but please keep it civil, we all support the same team and we want this to be used as a community space.
  • Please DON’T use this platform to big up/promote your own website/blog will be deleted without comment.
  • Any nice words to say about S***ts will result in an immediate ban ……. you’ve been warned.