Curtis gives update on Pompey future

Published: 21/06/2023
Ronan Curtis took to social media today to give an update on his injury and contract situation.

Pompey’s top goalscorer of the 21st century has decided to continue his rehabilitation at the club, but remain out of contract until such time as he is fit enough to return.

Curtis, 27, missed the end of last season with a serious injury and his contract expires in a week. Pompey have offered a new deal, however at a “heavily reduced” rate and it’s not something the Republic of Ireland International is willing to accept. He has, instead, decided to wait until he’s ready to return before assessing contract options then.

On his Twitter and Instagram pages, the winger wrote:

“Dear Pompey Fans,

I have had my latest check up with the specialist who has informed me that I am bang on schedule and that I should be back on the grass by early September.

“This is really positive news and a real boost as it has not been an easy period for me both physically & mentally, and not something I have ever experienced before.

“There comes a risk with coming full blast into the intense schedule of games straight away, with a 40% chanse of re-injury at some point in my career.

“However if I remain patient and wait a further 9 weeks, easing myself in to the squad gradually over this 9 week period, the risk drops to less than 2% and I can play freely knowing that I have the same chance as any athlete of re-injury.

“I have made the decision not to accept the contract that Portsmouth have offered me for now, and instead I will stay at the club without a contract and without a salary whilst I finish my recovery programme.

“This will eliminate all financial risk for the club who will be able to use this budget elsewhere on new signings as they rebuild the squad for the new season.

“I will prove my fitness in September, instead of accpeting heavily reduced terms that I simply won’t be able to support my young family with for 12 months.

“My girlfriend Madi and I have recently welcomed to the world our son Malachi. Malachi and my 7-year-old daughter Farrah are our main drivers for life and our decisions have to be based on supporting our family.

“I totally understand that tis is a unique situation for both the club and myself. I don’t expect or feel entitled to be offered a new deal; there hadn’t been any previous conversations from the club to extend my stay before I was injured.

“I am fortunate that my good medical insurance allowed me to have access to one of the best surgeons and clinics in world football and I am backing myself to come back even stronger.

“I will come into training every day as normal and complete my daily training programme whilst the boys are out on the pitch preparing for the season. I will do my best to support the boys off the pitch as best I can.

“Missing the end of the season was very tough for me but I found strength in being around the boys, watching from the dugout and supporting their fight for the play-offs.

“We will reassess my progress on the first week of September and come to a conclusion of what I will do next.

“Thank you to everyone who has sent me messages of support and have taken their time to stop and talk to me around the city. It means a lot.